History of GEPY


Over the years, GEPY Swiss Precision has managed to reinvent itself before becoming one of the world leaders in the field.

Swiss pioneer


Originally, Emile Papaux was inspired by the tapered roller bearing technology used in the United States and integrated it into his products to enhance the rigidity and precision of live centers. He then developed a range of products, including spindles. This has been the hallmark of GEPY products since 1946.

Today, tapered roller bearings are present in most of our products and are still entirely manufactured in our workshops.

A fresh start in 2010

When François Teissier, Jean-Luc Teissier, and Pierre Garcia discovered Gepy Papaux in 2010, they naturally decided to take over the company to continue its solid reputation and further the evolution of the company's products.

It was not only about preserving a gem of the industry but also about defending the broader Genevan and Swiss industrial heritage.

Today, the company continues to weave its story with a wide range of centers, spindles, and tool holders and an insatiable taste for innovation.

I have always been immersed in an operational universe, starting my career as a grinder, then as a workshop manager and finally as a company manager.

Taking over the reins of the company, I ensured continuity in exercising my core profession while being part of a long history and a reputation that I strive to honor and highlight every day.