Specialist in the design and manufacturing of live centers, spindles, and high-precision tool holders, thanks to the use of tapered roller bearings manufactured in our Switzerland site.

GEPY Swiss Precision, the epitome of high-precision mechanics since 1946

For over 75 years

Over the years, GEPY has continuously reinvented itself to become a global leader in the field.

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From design to manufacturing and revision, we deploy all our expertise for your projects.

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Access our complete range of high-precision products. Expert in the centers, spindles, and tool holders.

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Specialized in the design and manufacturing of live centers, spindles and tool holders.

A major player in the design and manufacturing of high-precision products for over 75 years, our history is an exciting combination of tradition, innovation, and commitment to mechanical perfection.

GEPY is renowned for its live centers, spindles and tool holders with tapered roller bearings, extremely reliable. Our clients, who come from demanding sectors such as the mechanic, watchmaking, and medical industries, choose our products for their unmatched precision and reliability.

What sets us apart is our ability to combine tradition and innovation. While we are committed to our roots and the artisanal methods that have built our reputation, our in-house design office is constantly seeking innovative solutions to improve our products and meet our clients' specific needs. We have managed to maintain a delicate balance between the company's legacy and a resolutely forward-looking approach.

At GEPY, excellence is our obsession. We make no compromises on quality, whether it's in the design of our products, their manufacturing, or our after-sales service. We are proud to uphold our reputation as a benchmark in the field of high-precision mechanics.

Ultimately, GEPY is more than a company. It's a story of passion for mechanics, a relentless quest for perfection, and a promise of excellence to our customers. We are eager to share our expertise and high-precision products with you.

Our expertises


GEPY excels with its tapered roller bearings, ensuring unparalleled precision in every product. Excellence, our commitment.

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GEPY's products excel in turning, gear cutting, milling, drilling, inspection, grinding, and engraving. This is high precision embodied.

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Our expertise unfolds in high-precision fields such as mechanical, watchmaking and medical industries.

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"The precision in mouvement"​

It summarizes our philosophy, which is to guarantee impeccable quality and unmatched precision, even when elements are in constant motion.

This means that Gepy products are designed to operate with extreme precision and reliability, even when subjected to movements, vibrations, or dynamic working conditions.

This precision in motion is essential for demanding industries, where every detail counts.

We are committed to providing high-precision solutions that maintain their exceptional quality, no matter the complexity or dynamics of the application.


Values that define us


An expertise in high precision, recognized worldwide for excellence and durability, serving demanding clients.


Our in-house design office promotes continuous innovation and quality of our products, meeting the global needs of our clients.


Our human-sized company allows us to be responsive and efficient with special requests and refurbishments, ensuring long-term customer satisfaction.


SIAMS 2024 trade show

We presented our expertise at the SIAMS trade fair in April 2024 in Moutier, Switzerland.

SIMODEC 2024 trade show

Find our video from our stand at the SIMODEC trade show in March 2024 in La Roche-sur-Foron, France.

Worldwide presence

5 distributors spread across 3 continents