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The high-precision GEPY centres embody perfection: they provide exceptional stability and perfect precision during the machining of parts. This is made possible thanks to the unique and innovative tapered roller bearing technology, integrated across the entire GEPY product range.

Exceptional stability with the use of tapered roller bearings
GEPY Swiss Precision's high-end live centers offer exceptional performance and unparalleled reliability, ensuring the highest quality work results.

Constant and absolute no-play self-adjustment
Thanks to a self-adjusting mechanism, these live centers eliminate any play, whether radial or axial, thereby ensuring constant and absolute stability.

Perfectly regular and precise taper
With perfect tapering, these live centers ensure a uniform and precise rotation of the workpiece, which is essential for high-precision operations.

Design without added parts
The design without added parts ensures minimal encumbrance, allowing for optimal use of the workspace.

Short cantilever and axis to eliminate vibration and flexion  
These  live centers are specifically designed with a short cantilever and axis to eliminate any undesirable flexion and vibration, ensuring an optimal working environment.


Our high-precision products are tailored to a variety of sectors to meet your specific needs.


Gear cutting

Mechanical grinding


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Since 1946, we have been manufacturing high-precision tools for the high-precision mechanics sector.


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