GEPY Swiss Precision tools are used in the most demanding sectors of the mechanical industry, meeting the high-precision needs of businesses.


We guarantee the quality of your parts with a comprehensive overhaul service including in-depth analysis, precise adjustments and customized recommendations. Located at the heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry, GEPY Swiss Precision products are synonymous with precision and quality. We are committed to meeting the rigorous demands of the industry, contributing to the finesse and performance of leading watch brands. Our products are specially designed to minimize bulk and vibration.


In the medical field, where precision and reliability are imperative, the meticulous design of our products is essential. Our technical expertise contributes to the advancement of medical solutions.

Mechanical engineering

In the mechanical industry, GEPY products are renowned for their rigidity and precision. Our tools, such as live centers, spindles and tool holders, are essential for precise machining work, offering reliable, long-lasting performance for the most complex tasks.