Our values


At GEPY Swiss Precision, three core values define the very essence of our company : excellence, innovation, and responsiveness.


GEPY products embody a world-renowned high-precision craftsmanship appreciated by demanding clients, especially in the fields of watchmaking, the automotive industry, aeronautics, and the medical sector.

Each component undergoes rigorous checks to ensure consistent performance and exceptional durability. We place great importance on machining resistant materials, meticulous design of cages and rollers, and complete customer satisfaction in terms of quality.


We persist in our quest for innovation and product improvement, thanks to our internal design office, a true epicenter of creativity. It remains constantly on the lookout for new ideas to maintain the quality of our products for clients worldwide.


This is crucial to meet our clients' specific needs best. Our team is both responsive and available, ensuring customized solutions and rapid responses to your requests.