Static and Live/driven tool holder

The high-end tool holders from GEPY Swiss Precision epitomize perfection: they offer exceptional stability and unparalleled precision during machining operations. This is made possible through the unique and innovative tapered roller bearing technology, integrated across the GEPY product range.

Our tool holders are suitable for machines from Index, Citizen, and Benzinger.

Exceptional axial rigidity 
Our tool holders provide remarkable axial rigidity, capable of supporting significant loads without any flexion due to high tool/material torque. This ensures optimal stability, regardless of the exerted force.

Robustness and durability
Constructed with a hardened steel base and a 2017 aluminum body, our tool holder is built to last. It withstands the most demanding conditions, offering a longer lifespan.

Cutting-edge radial rigidity
Are you seeking large cutting depths, rapid advances, and impeccable surface finishes? Our rotary tool holder delivers exceptional radial rigidity, eliminating vibrations caused by bearing play for flawless results.

Exceptional precision
100% precision throughout its lifespan ensures impeccable work results with every use. You can rely on our rotary tool holder for the most delicate applications.

Rear-drive rotation
The rear-drive rotation technology offers an efficient solution to optimize your machining operations, enhancing both the safety and efficiency of your process.

Design without added parts
Our product is the result of advanced engineering, with machining of the body and bearings to absolute precision. It surpasses the competition with a 300% improvement in terms of dynamic efforts, making it a superior choice for those who require the utmost in precision and reliability from their tool holders.


Our high-precision products are tailored to a variety of sectors to meet your specific needs.

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