high speed motorized spindle


GEPY offers a family of rotary power tools with electronic control:

  •      Spindle 14mm Speed ​​27'000t / min type F4.5
  •      Spindle 14mm Power 11'000t / min type F4.5
  •      Spindle 20mm Speed ​​27'000t / min type F7
  •      Spindle 20mm Power 11'000t / min type F7

The rotation of the spindle to the right or left can be adjusted when keeping Umax 1000 rpm continuously.

In addition, the electronics control can be integrated or connected to a CNC machine and handle the alarms.

Designed for continuous use, the rotating tools are cooled with compressed air and depending on the model lubricated by oil mist.

Download the document of spindles